Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to become a Register Safety and Health Officer : Part II

With the certificate of attendance, you can apply to take the SHO examination organized by NIOSH. The exam consist of 4 papers namely Paper I, II, III & IV. Paper I consist of multiple choice question, subjective question and essay question. The objective and subjective question, you have to answer all the question but for essay question, you only need to answer 4 out of 6 questions. Paper II consist of the same format with the difference:
Paper I - Niosh sho module I & II
Paper II - Niosh sho module III & IV

Paper III on the other hand is quite challenging, its a work station test where candidate are required to go through 10 work station each with its own set of question. With 5 minutes given to answer the question for each station. Reading the question already take up 1 minutes, maybe 2 minutes to figure out the answer and 2 minutes to write down the answer. You might end up not answering all the question.

Paper IV is a workplace assignment where the candidate choice a workplace to write a risk assessment report and submit the report to Niosh exam unit. This is followed by a presentation of your assignment to the examiner and followed by an interview session.

The duration for the candidate to complete or pass all the examination is 2 years starting from when the first paper is taken. i.e. If you take Paper I in Oct 2013, by Oct 2015 you must pass all the paper or consider fail in the exam. The second condition that will cause you to fail is failling a single paper for 5 times. i.e. if you fail paper IV, you may resit the paper again the second time, third time...until fifth time. If you still fail paper IV the fifth time, you have to retake the exam.

If that happen, it doesn't mean you cannot take the sho exam ever again. You can by taking a SHO improvement course (10 days) then re-apply to take the sho exam all over again from paper I to IV.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You only fail when you give up ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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