Tuesday, February 24, 2015

One Small Step for Safety

Just conducted another OSHA course last week for my Diploma in plantation management students. I been doing this OSHA course for while and every session is unique by itself. I decided to post about the recent session because it caught my attention on the origin place of the participant. The OSHA course duration is 2 days and cover all the basic in OSH legislative and risk prevention. 
On the second day of the course, three participants come to me and ask: "Sir, can we finished the course at 3pm" (instead of the scheduled 5pm). I ask "what is the reason" curious to find out why. One reply "because have to catch the express boat, last one leaving at 3.30pm". A few of the participants are coming from rural district, which is accessible by river only. They basically took a 2 hours boat ride to Sibu town to attend the course and go back afterward. Most of them has never heard of OSHA and their right as worker under the law. 

Most of the male participants are plantation field conductor handling spraying, manuring and collection work. My greatest hope is after the course, they would have gain the knowledge and awareness to safe guard their own safety at their workplace. From there let them be example to other to follow. A small step in growing safety culture.      

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