Saturday, September 14, 2013

The first judgement

When ever i travel outstation whether to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, i can't stop to admire the beauty and the development progress each country has made. But as a safety practitioner, i can't stop to take notice of the personnel protective equipment (namely safety helmet or hard hat) that is being worn by the construction worker.
It comes in yellow, red, blue, white etc color; At the glens of an eye, you can easily spot whether the construction site enforce the worker PPE requirement. Safety and progress development has to more hand in hand. Lack of safety awareness and high accident rate will tarnish the image of the country amid the construction of beautiful high rise building. Safety awareness represent a society intellectual level. Putting on a safety helmet means that the worker understand the risk involve and follow the rules to safe guard his safety, it show the employer understand his responsibility to provide PPE and safety control measure on the site. If a developer cannot even provide his worker the necessary tools to keep them safe, what will you expect from the standard of work project he offer. If a worker doesn't seem to care about following the rule of safety, what will you expect the quality of work he provide. Safety begin with you.

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