Monday, September 8, 2014

Fire hazard from the sky

A floating object made of paper, bamboo, lid candle or wax. Some call it sky lantern others 'Kun Ming Den' is gaining popularity among the local during mid autumn festival. The lantern is release to the sky carrying wish or prayer from the owner. 
Sky lantern is banned in the US as it pose a fire hazard, as the flight of the lantern is uncontrollable, it basically follow where the wind take it. On air, it pose a risk to flying aircraft. When the lantern landed on the ground, it not just a source of ignition. 
1. lantern landed on the airport runway can mislead the pilot as a landing beacon. 
2. lantern landed on the road may pose danger to motorcyclist
3. lantern landed on petrol station, fuel storage facility, tire storage, tire recycling plan, etc. can be catastrophic

In Malaysia, under section 285 of the Penal cose, those defying the ban can be jailed for six months or fined RM2,000 while under section 5 of the Exlosive Act 1957, those found letting off sky lantern could face jail term up to five years or fined RM10,000. Unfortunately, i still see lantern floating around airport area each year.  

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