Saturday, August 17, 2013

Occupational Health in the workplace

When we talk about occupational safety and health, one tend to focus more on the safety aspect when it comes to identifying hazards. Hazards like falling object, sharp object on the ground, explosive material, welding spark, slippery floor and the most popular poor housekeeping, are always on the list. We tend to identify these hazard based on our observation and logic. But when it come to identify health hazard, it would require some expertise and experience.
Workers doing welding work will wear a face shield or safety goggles because they can see the spark flying around and concern for their eye, that's safety. But few wouldn't know about the content or effect of the welding fume that they inhale in. Welding fume contain a lot toxin gases depending on the type of welding and surface being weld. Amount the toxic fume contain manganese, nickel, chromium, lead, cadmium and etc. Manganese can cause Parkinson’s disease while nickel and chromium can cause lung cancer. You might not even feel anything now until 10 - 20 years later, then the disease appear. That's health. Check with your supervisor or employer if you are unsure of any potential hazard to health at your workplace.    

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