Friday, August 16, 2013

Toxin in peanut butter

Ever since the milk powder botulism scare, i am started to get cautions about the food we ate. One thing that come to mind is peanut butter. Some parents say don't feed your children peanut butter. A dog trainer told me never give peanut butter to dogs, it will poison them. Done some research and found out there is a toxin in peanut butter called aflatoxin.

Aflotoxin are synthesized by species of mold found naturally in plant or soil. The sickness cause by aflotoxin can defer by age, sex, possible mixture to other toxin and present body nutrition. The toxin will target liver organ. For children below 4 years of age. Their liver has not fully mature like adult, so they are more subjected to the toxin effect. Love our children but love them the correct way. Not everything that taste good for us will be good for them.  

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